From Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day, all first-time recepients may receive a 75-min energy-work treatment for the price of a 60-min massage! Please inquire within for more details.



Welcome to Immortal Massage.


My passion in bodywork is surface and heal emotions held in the body. I tune in to the subtle energies through the body's meridian system and stimulate nodes of awareness to connect physical sensation with emotional feeling. 


As I dance my piano fingers along the energy lines of the body, you may feel electrical connections light up from the opposite hemisphere or extremity of the body. You may also notice your mind speeding up and generating stories from past injuries and future unknowns as the tissue pain rises to surface.


Once the concentrated energy in a point or region is released back into the energy stores of the body and the nervous system processes and integrates this shift, you will notice a greater feeling of inner spaciousness. 


This process continues throughout the duration of the session with or without your conscious participation. You may fall asleep, you may travel out of your body, and you may very well melt into the sanctuary of the heart and experience a brightening of the mundance and a softening around the rough edges of life.


I welcome you wherever you are on your path and I support your greatest good in metered, gradual steps toward emotional-physical syncing.




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